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Antonin’s paintings are owned and collected by such
respected and renowned individuals as

→ David Darling — Grammy Award Winning Cellist, Composer and Vocalist.
→ Vianna Stibel — Author and Founder of Theta Healing,
World Renowned Teacher and Healer.
→ Dr Mara Karpel — Psychologist and Host of Radio & TV show “Golden Years”.
→ Karen Olson PHD. — NY Pops Orchestra Violist, Composer, Educator,
Theta Healer and Reiki Master.
→ Arturo Mendoza — Animation Artist, Musician, Composer, and Philanthropist.
→ Thomas Tedesco — Producer, Engineer, Percussionist, Recording Studio Owner.
→ Lian Di Calvo — Art Dealer and Collector.
→ Ron Diana — Taoist Master, Founder of the Healing Tao of NYC & N. J.
→ Barbara Sonin Robbins — Author and Hypnotherapist.
→ Ruby Reed Recording Studios.
→ David Cenata — Concert Promoter, Owner of the Blairstown Theater Co.
→ John Costello — Art Dealer, Collector, Tycoon.
→ Patrick Whitehead — Principal Trumpeter of the Washington D.C. Philharmonic,
Leader of the Monumental Brass Ensemble.
→ Dee Dee Ferrari — Art Collector.
→ Quality Inc.
→ Theodora Reyes — Artist and Theta Healing Master.
→ Vanya Silverten — Nutritional Therapist, Vocalist, and Theta Healing Master.
→ John Malcolm Campbell — Artist, Designer, Conceptualist, & Surrealist Programmer.


In 1986 Antonin began drawing and making collages as a visual expression to expand upon his sound experiments and the poetry he began writing as a child.

Soon after in the summer of 1987 he began painting at a feverish pace. He explored all the techniques of his favorite legendary artists and mastered much of their approaches.

An instant recognition of heightened awareness came from his first meeting with painting. His very first painting, although primal, reveals much of what would occur in his later years. Themes in this piece run like a premonition of the future, such as the meditating man, the palette as landscape, the apocalyptic tribulations, which would test his life and will to live and of course the shimmer of hope or faith in the power of determination to overcome any and all obstacles.

Antonin has always been drawn to the expression of music because he intuitively felt it to be the closest art form to the great mystery, the cause of the first cause, that said “Let There Be Light”.

In 1986, it came to him suddenly that the music he loved so much could be heightened by its visual counterpart or visible vibration. He felt he had found a new purpose for life. Imagine the sense of fulfillment at such an epiphany.

Antonin had spent his life studying and exploring all the arts, philosophies, and religions of most of the cultures of the world. He came to understand all this seeking for truth was not finding. And that the truth could not come completely from external influences but only from a deep experience of self-awareness. He began directing his life and work from this, seeing reality “as it is” rather than as we think “it to be”. Soon after his decision to devote his life away from worldly occupations he grew deathly ill and would spend over a decade healing, finding empowerment, and awakening himself to the expansion of consciousness.

His promising career as an artist, showing at major galleries in Soho, NYC and with various international interests was ended abruptly. He became a recluse meditating on a mountain day and night for years.

During the 90’s until now he has continued writing poetry, composing music, playing multi instruments, creating assemblages, sculptures, and of course painting with a wide range of growth and internal success. Doing some installations and commissions, Antonin remained true to his spiritual practice first. This is now quite prevalent in the power of his recent painted works called Apotheosis.

Antonin is now healthy and providing a variety of holistic services. His spiritual connection(In the theta brainwave state)has not only healed him but he is now currently healing others. His poetry volumes are actively being edited for publication. He has released a dozen cd’s of all original music. In addition there are combinations of visual media soon to be available for viewing on this web site.

“We must go a way we know not of in order to find a way we know of ”
-St. John of the Cross.

St. John reminds us in his quote here that it is the obstacles in life that can be the biggest force for growth. Antonin’s life exemplifies this, “The obstacle is transformed into the vehicle”. (A favorite of Antonin’s sayings).

Such stories as this fascinate us. How in the spring of life the legacy of a successful external life is abandoned to find some deeper meaning. This choice causes untold suffering but also an opening to some deep well of experience. With time, a further integration of external and internal realities prevail as a victorious example.

“This is only the beginning and the beginning is now ”.

Manifesting The Unmanifested

      To forget who we are, to forget time, to forget everything, to forget even to
think, and to be,
just to be…
To be being!

      Without expectation, without good or bad,
aesthetic or banal, one is free.

      Free to be open, to be openness, this is fulfillment.
This is also called trust. To trust, to become trust is to listen deeply, to do
without mental commentary.
This is to be spontaneous.

      Creation is a vehicle of process.
Painting is a mirror resonating at a frequency
we all need to share.

      In this state of spontaneous openness, all is possible,
all action is an offering, our action is not our own.

      When Iye became painting,
painting is the seed from which Iye grow.




“Look into that place within yourself
Where you dare not look and
You’ll find me there looking back at you”

20″x 30″ mixed media on arches

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