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Antonin’s paintings are owned and collected by such
respected and renowned individuals as

→ David Darling — Grammy Award Winning Cellist, Composer and Vocalist.
→ Vianna Stibel — Author and Founder of Theta Healing,
World Renowned Teacher and Healer.
→ Dr Mara Karpel — Psychologist and Host of Radio & TV show “Golden Years”.
→ Karen Olson PHD. — NY Pops Orchestra Violist, Composer, Educator.
→ Arturo Mendoza — Animation Artist, Musician, Composer, and Philanthropist.
→ Thomas Tedesco — Producer, Engineer, Percussionist, Recording Studio Owner.
→ Lian Di Calvo — Art Dealer and Collector.
→ Ron Diana — Taoist Master, Founder of the Healing Tao of NYC & N. J.
→ Barbara Sonin Robbins — Author and Hypnotherapist.
→ Ruby Reed Recording Studios.
→ David Cenata — Concert Promoter, Owner of the Blairstown Theater Co.
→ John Costello — Art Dealer, Collector, Tycoon.
→ Patrick Whitehead — Principal Trumpeter of the Washington D.C. Philharmonic,
Leader of the Monumental Brass Ensemble.
→ Dee Dee Ferrari — Art Collector.
→ Quality Inc.
→ Theodora Reyes — Artist and Therapist.
→ Vanya Silverten — Nutritional Therapist and Vocalist.
→ John Malcolm Campbell — Artist, Designer, Conceptualist, & Surrealist Programmer.
→ Mark Kelly — CEO Anderson-Kelly Associates.
→ Robert Boyle — CEO Planet Networks.
→ Jessica Lawlor — Midwife.
→ Sarah Hart — Administrator.
→ Kyle Egan — Paramedic.
→ Caroline Strassberg — Acupuncturist.


In Jan. 1986 Antonin began drawing dreamscape images in a collage style while also making collages as a visual expression to expand upon his sound experiments and the poetry he began writing as a child.

Soon after in the summer of 1987 he began painting at a feverish pace.  He explored all his favorite legendary artists, mastering much of their approaches.

An instant recognition of heightened awareness came from his first meeting with painting! His very first painting, although primal, reveals much of what would appear in his later years. Themes in this piece run like a premonition of the future. Such renderings as: the meditating man, the palette as landscape, apocalyptic tribulations: which would test his life, his will to live, and of course revealing the shimmer of conviction or faith in his determination to overcome any and all obstacles.

It was that suddenness that blossomed the realization- Music experience he loved so dearly could be heightened by its visual counterpart in the visible vibration. The overwhelming feeling he had, made him feel as if he had a new purpose for living!! Imagine the sense of fulfillment at such an epiphany!

This was not the end but a new beginning…

He came to understand all of his seeking for truth was not and never could be finding! He now knew the Truth cannot come solely from external sources, intellectual influences or others, ideas or books… But from a deeper experience of self-aware realization. He began directing his work and his life from the perspective of “Seeing Life as it is” rather than as “We think it to be!” Soon after making the decision away from external preoccupations: Antonin grew deathly ill and would spend more than the next decade healing, developing alternative abilities to perceive into reality, finding empowerment and awakening himself to the expansion of consciousness.

His promising career as an artist showing in SoHo, NYC with various international interests was ended abruptly. He became a recluse meditating night and day for years, yet still creating and producing innovative originality.

Cy Rimbaud 2004

Artist’s Statement 2022

The value of visual Art never was lost to me. As a child i was fascinated by the colors of the Impressionists, the geometry of Escher, the strangeness of Dali.

My first interest in Computer Art was in 1984 at the School of Visual Arts where i sat in on classes using the Lumina Software. I did some Morphology experiments later in the early 90s at Garden State Net. I refrained from using the computer until 2009 when i began to work with Photography in the service of Collage. The series to come: “Digital Turpentine” is an example of completely digital painting. Some of these images are found on my You Tube Videos.

Looking back– after painting for two years I was happily working closely with artist designer: John Malcolm Campbell, the art dealer Lian De Calvo and artist Breda Bradley, showing at Amy Kool’s Gallery {curated by Sarah Greenberg} I was recognized by the New York art scene by people such as Clement Greenberg and Ivan Carp in 1990.

When I returned to health, I was so thankful to be alive I concentrated on doing Healing Work and Therapy on those less fortunate. Music and Painting, Poetry, Sculpture, Collage, Assemblage, Constructions, Instillations and various types of expression are my mainstay.

It was in the 90s thru the early 2000s I painted a large series of full scale mural oil and mixed media paintings. These constitute a marked departure into the above 50 to 400 square foot format.

During my sabbatical of healing, visual Art continued to be my main source of expression-combining the visual with soundscapes I worked in interactive instillations. In 2009 thru 2012 I wrote short stories with story boards & paintings and performed original plays with the narrator & story teller Magda P along with a troupe of actors & musicians.

The “Emergence” series of work exhibits the “Musicality” of the “Living Edge” -an energetic approach revealing the invisible or envisaged energetic image as a profound vibrating force we can at once see with the mind’s eye and hear! The term Synesthesia has been attributed to this type of inner seeing as well as when one may hear color and see music. {Examples of the Emergence paintings can be found in the “Please Remove My Name from Your Language!” Collection}.

My apprehension of a non-narrative pictograph as seen throughout ancient history in the Cave Art of Prehistory, African and East Indian sculpture, Greek & Mesopotamian ceramics; Egyptian, Etruscan & Cretan Gold work, Impressionism, Fauve, Bauhaus, thru Dada, Surrealism, New York School, New Realism on up to the Ancient/Future Modernism of today is the genre which i am a part of generating– this new ‘Unifying Language’ – a natural step forward in this Age of Remembering: the 21st Century.

All this ‘Visually’ ties in with the Multiplicity of an emerging Visual Musicality, both Poetic & Spiritual, stimulating all the senses as one- bringing the heart of each altogether into the “Unity Behind Ambiguity” which is a philosophical perspective that emerged when I was studying all the religions and philosophies of the world.

Ethno musicality is a part of this same unifying factor extending boundaries. Incorporating ancient visuals coincides with employing ancient instruments; just as employing modern music of Western Orchestral tradition along with new technologies unifies a vision of where Art/Music has to go to come to its full fruition as the Healing Force of the Universe—

Music and Painting, Poetry, Sculpture, Collage, Assemblage, Constructions, Instillations and various types of expression remain my mainstay.

I am playing 40 musical instruments and composing for Improvisational group settings.

I have recorded many CDs over the years with Grammy award winner David Darling, Thomas Tedesco, Steve Cohn, David Grego, Arjune, Patrick Whitehead, and a large cast of Orchestral masters too many to list here.

The Gallery Web Site: antoninisnow.com was updated in 2021.

The short biographical documentary film “The Eclectician” was made by William Kaufman of MTV in 2010. It can be viewed on antoninisnow.com or my YouTube channel Antonin Isnow.

I currently have over forty hours of original music on my 4 YouTube channels: Antonin Isnow. featuring  melodic World Music, Indian Fusion, Spanish influenced guitar, Oud, Balanka, Throat singing; with many different musicians including David Darling; Melodica Electra is exclusively electronic music performed on soothing synthesizers: 3rd Sans Titre is combinations of Expressionist Orchestral works with Free Jazz and Alternative music {with Steve Cohn, Thomas Tedesco} among others; the 4th is Avante Antonin which is highly experimental music encompassing Intuitive, Microtonal, Spectral forms of classical fused with my own take on combining elements from various sources, homemade instruments, soundscapes and ancient cultures.



Manifesting The Unmanifested

      To forget who we are, to forget time, to forget everything, to forget even to
think, and to be,
just to be…
To be being!

      Without expectation, without good or bad,
aesthetic or banal, one is free.

      Free to be open, to be openness, this is fulfillment.
This is also called trust. To trust, to become trust is to listen deeply, to do
without mental commentary.
This is to be spontaneous.

      Creation is a vehicle of process.
Painting is a mirror resonating at a frequency
we all need to share.

      In this state of spontaneous openness, all is possible,
all action is an offering, our action is not our own.

      When Iye became painting,
painting is the seed from which Iye grow.



“Look into that place within yourself
Where you dare not look and
You’ll find me there looking back at you”

20″x 30″ mixed media on arches

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