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Atmospheres are a series of interiors sometimes called Shadow Boxes, enclosures or assemblages.

The Combines of Mixed Media, Found & Fabricated Objects, Organium, recomposed Decomposition, Fummage , dust, rust, crust, tree bark, ashes, bronze, ceramics, pearls, fabric, dried flowers, or unidentifiable combinations with dismembered objects renewed, reassembled, etc… all combined into or within non-artistic or non-aesthetic materials with emphasis on the adaptation of conjecture within a wooden, metal, paper, Plexiglas or another enclosed or open ended space.

Atmospheres conjure up the Noir, the memorabilia of curio shops, keep sakes, lost sentiments, hopes hidden in lockets, bygone trophies, mementos of other centuries or other worlds to form a poetry anew.

The possibilities of the chance meeting of the displaced impossibilities of the imagination’s potentialities as a whole atmosphere, found in imaginative experiences, terrestrial universes in the presence of creating themselves, or a remembrance of what may or may not have ever happened, in time travel, stolen science, and rewriting of history all are significant but incomplete compared to the impressions expressions or compressions brought on by the various aspects of Atmospheres being able to collect the parallels and incongruences amidst this internal architecture.

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